What we're about

Peer Programming Sessions

A meetup for people who are (relatively) new to programming, or who want to learn how to code - although everyone is welcome!

Our goals for Grammerhub's weekly Monday coding nights*:
- Support independent projects and collaboration
- Build a community and provide accountability
- Provide opportunities to grow professionally with technology

New to Grammerhub? No problem! We have volunteer organizers to help you get started.

Grammerhub workspace on Slack: grammerhub.slack.com


How it works

- 6:30 pm EST: We open our general video conference call (Intros, Q&A, Show-and-Tell, etc.)
- 7:00 pm EST: Work on Project(s)
- 8:15 pm EST: Wrap-up, announcements


What you’ll learn

- Web development techniques and syntax for programming in multiple languages
- How to deploy your code
- Resources for continued learning


Get in touch

Drop us a line for any questions you might have to get you started or reach us on our Slack